Stepping in the right direction

We helped Bally, Belstaff and Jimmy Choo move all development and defect management into Atlassian’s cloud. Details below – a comprehensive account of the project can be found on the Cloud Computing Intelligence website.

LLX Global Business Services, part of JAB Holding which owns luxury consumer goods firms Bally, Belstaff and Jimmy Choo, supports JAB’s brands with the development of their ecommerce programmes. LLX had previously used JIRA software to help manage its software development, but its JIRA installation was hosted by a third-party at an offsite location which made it difficult to extend and upgrade.

Dan Seymour, Head of eCommerce Technology at LLX GBS, particularly wanted the ability to customise defect fields and workflows, something which wasn’t feasible with their existing setup.

Instead, we helped them move to Atlassian’s cloud and implement JIRA, Jira Software and JIRA Service Desk before training the team at LLX GBS in their use. After the success of the initial implementations, this client decided to add Bitbucket to help with source code control and Confluence to aid with collaborative working.

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