Testing in IT Transformations

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Our experts have extensive experience testing IT transformations. Testing in transformation projects such as migrations and infrastructure upgrades differs from the standard testing of a new application, new release or upgrade. Typical system testing tends to focus on testing the complete range of application functionality. Migration testing differs in that it focuses on testing the points of change in the application as a result of the migration.


We take a risk-based approach to the migration testing of applications. This approach identifies a key number of risk areas associated with known changes in the applications. It provides complete coverage of the interfaces of the application but reduces cost by avoiding a complete functional regression test of the application. Our proven migration experience can in this way bring substantial cost savings by testing only the aspects of the application that are relevant in the transformation.

The risk based testing undertaken by Automation Consultants in a large data centre migration projects is normally based on a test decision model. This model makes it easy to create consistent test plans for a large number of different applications.

The inputs to the model are the migration method (Lift and Shift, Image, Application Reinstall etc) and the business criticality. From these inputs, the model gives an initial level of testing likely to be required for the different kinds of interfaces and application components identified.


We have been involved in testing IT transformations at every level, from managing all aspects of testing in large transformation programmes, to undertaking individual testing assignments. The types of project include:

  • Data centre migrations: moving the hosting of applications from one data centre to another. The migration of each application is often taken as an opportunity to upgrade its infrastructure at the same time. The migrations therefore often include simultaneous virtualisation or upgrades to the hardware, the operating system, the database and such infrastructure components as Citrix and Java
  • Citrix upgrades and consolidations
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Database upgrades

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