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Atlassian Apps by Automation Consultants: an overview

Atlassian apps an overview

December 12, 2018

Automation Consultants supports enterprises on their use of Atlassian’s industry-leading software development and project management tools, but what you might not know is that we also develop our own performance-enhancing apps for Atlassian based on the experience we have gained from helping customers.

This means that our apps are based on real-world feedback from clients and are built specifically to help solve their most common challenges. We have put together a very quick overview of each of the Atlassian apps that we have built so far. All of the apps (also known as add-ons or plug-ins) listed below can be purchased in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Atlassian Apps round-up

Approvals for Confluence

We know that many teams using Confluence use it to create documents that need approval by a number of users. Approvals for Confluence makes getting these approvals much quicker, by implementing approvals as a functionality within the documents created.

Cleaner for Jira

Cleaner for Jira can help increase productivity and avoid downtime. This is because unused elements in Jira can slow down indexing, decrease productivity and waste money through unnecessary licences. The Cleaner for Jira app helps you find and remove configuration elements in your Jira instance that you are not using. By cleaning up your Jira, you can make it run much faster.

Compliance for Confluence

Compliance for Confluence helps a company achieve the ultimate goal of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – understanding what data it has and what data is important. Since all businesses have to comply with the GDPR, they will all benefit from a solution like Compliance for Confluence. The app lets you set different Classification Levels for each document (determining how restricted or sensitive it is), and will alert other users if someone is viewing content that isn’t so widely available.

Issue Charts for Jira

Issue Charts for Jira allows you to view the properties of an issue, including subtasks, as graphs inside the body of the issue. Many find graphs easier to understand and helpful in presenting the information to others. Once you’ve configured the information stored on each issue, you can view the data as a Bar, Pie or Doughnut chart.

Navigation Bar

When you’re working with multiple applications at once, it can become an arduous process to move around Atlassian quickly and easily. The Navigation Bar allows you to switch between applications faster.

It adds a top navigation bar for moving between Atlassian applications that have been linked with an Application Link. Users have reported an increase in productivity – the Navigation Bar makes moving around Atlassian much quicker and easier.

Poll Macro for Confluence

If you are looking for feedback in your business, polls are one of the easiest ways to gather data. Poll Macro for Confluence allows you to engage your users with interactive polling and voting on your Confluence pages. Whether you are requesting feedback on your latest changes or planning your next staff party, Poll Macro for Confluence allows you to gauge user opinion with ease.

Each organisation’s decision about which Atlassian apps they employ will be different. We can help you decide which apps will be most effective for your business’ particular circumstances. To discuss the different Atlassian apps that would work well for your business, talk to our specialists today.

Alternatively, for more detail on the various Atlassian apps available, download our report now: The Enterprise Guide to Atlassian Data Center Applications  or go straight to the Atlassian Marketplace.

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