Be Confident in Confluence

What is Confluence?

Every organisation generates written material to store its knowledge. Atlassian built Confluence as a team collaboration software to help teams develop and share knowledge efficiently.

You can think of Confluence as a wiki or content management system. Project details, meeting notes, marketing plans, guides, blog posts, and near enough any type of essential business document can be created, stored and made accessible to others via Confluence.

Organisations around the world love Confluence because it saves them the hassle of working with various different systems to manage their knowledge – instead, everything is in one place as a single source of truth, and easily searchable

Confluence can be integrated seamlessly with Atlassian’s project management tools for business and software development teams – Jira Core and Jira Software. This means every project can be easily aligned with the right documentation.

Key features of Confluence

Here are a few key reasons why leading brands choose Confluence:

  • Bring content to life: Whatever your content requirements, you can start your document creation completely from scratch and build customised templates, or use pre-built templates in Confluence. Content can be enriched with images, video, GIFs, and other types of media to make your important documents as visual and engaging as possible.
  • Keep control over permissions: Your organisation will have sensitive documents that need to be restricted to authorised users only. Confluence makes it easy to impose viewing and editing restrictions for individuals and groups.
  • Speed up the review process: With Confluence, users can simultaneously edit and feedback on documents, notify team members to provide input, and maintain visibility over changes being made.
  • Stay organised: Confluence offers numerous features to help teams keep content organised and accessible, including powerful search filters, real-time notifications, page labelling, page history tracking, and an intuitive mobile app. Thanks to its strong integration with Jira, Confluence can ensure that action points and tasks noted in team meetings can be logged immediately.
  • Enhance Confluence: Like other Atlassian products, Confluence can be customised with a huge range of apps available in the Atlassian Marketplace. Leading Apps include:
  • Comala Workflows – Allow your documents to follow a workflow, e.g. an approvals process.
  • Gliffy Diagram – Add rich diagrams into your documents.
  • Compliance for Confluence – Classify your documents by security level and determine viewing and editing permissions.
  • Google Drive & Docs for Confluence – Tightly integrate your Confluence documents with files in Google Drive, including embedding your Google Drive documents in Confluence.

Other useful features can be added into your instance to fully maximise its potential as a collaboration and knowledge sharing tool, including Team Calendars for Confluence and Questions for Confluence.

Hosting Options

When choosing your hosting option for Confluence, there are three main options:

  • Self-hosted (Server)
  • Self-hosted (Data Center)
  • Cloud

Self-hosted options give you complete control over your environment, but require you to manage and customise it yourself – which can be complex depending on your team’s experience.

Server requires a one-time payment and gives you a perpetual license, support costs 50% of the initial price, payable yearly. Server is best suited for teams up to a certain size. As your team grows, high availability and performance at scale become more important, while the cost of downtime becomes more expensive.

For this reason, Data Center is the preferred hosting option for large teams. It uses active-active clustering to ensure high availability and performance. Data Center pay an annual licence fee.

If you want to avoid the complexity involved in self-hosting, you can select the Cloud option, which means your environment is hosted for you (including maintenance), and there is immediate access to new features and upgrades. However, this option is only available for teams of up to 5,000 users, and there are fewer apps available.

Our Confluence Support Services

If you need Confluence support, Automation Consultants can help. We are experts in:

  • Application performance management (APM)
  • Issue troubleshooting
  • Performance optimisation
  • Software upgrades
  • Product and app integrations
  • Managed hosting for your environment

We provide reliable service level agreements (SLAs), tailoring your support solutions to your specific requirements. Learn more about Atlassian Support from Automation Consultants today.

Our Training Services

We provide one-day courses (either instructor-led or webinar) for Confluence. This can be a standard course to take your team through core topics, a fully customised course, or an advanced course.

Read about our Confluence training services.

Working with Automation Consultants

Automation Consultants is an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner, which means our product expertise and experience is the best available.

So, whatever Confluence services you require, get in touch with one of our experts today to receive a free quote and initial consultation.