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Atlassian Data Center provides enterprise-grade versions of major Atlassian products. Atlassian Data Center allows multiple application servers, which give greater scale, greater resilience and zero downtime upgrades. For large, mission-critical instances, Atlassian Data Center is indispensable. Data Center is available for Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Crowd.

Deployments on a single server may seem like the most economical option for using Atlassian tools. In practice, however, once the deployment reaches a certain size, the costs and risks associated with an outage exceed any additional cost from using Atlassian Data Center.

Features and benefits of Atlassian Data Center

Atlassian Data Center is characterised by the ability to run multiple application servers in parallel. This provides a number of important benefits. Among these are:

High availability:  having multiple application servers allows constant and consistent access to your most important applications. Multiple servers – further empowered by a built-in redundancy function – safeguard your essential processes against hardware malfunctions and minimise single points of failure. Built-in application resilience, combined with intelligent distributed loads, ensures that performance maintains quality even in the event of load spikes.

Application re-indexing: As servers run on a lone node with all data stores internalised, Atlassian Data Center can re-index applications without sacrificing performance or uptime. All scaling costs are fully predictable, and you can run these programs across multiple nodes with external data stores. 

Scalability: Atlassian Data Center is set up to ensure that your user capacity can grow along with your business. No matter how many members of staff are using the system, performance and functionality are never compromised: nodes can be assigned to API calls, automation tasks, and any other activity, guaranteeing quality of service. These nodes can also be aligned to plugins and indexes for new members of the team – allowing them to join any cluster with zero availability issues. 

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Why Automation Consultants?

Automation Consultants, provides bespoke Atlassian Data Center solutions and expert consultancy. Our specialists can help you with installation and implementation, and can assist with migration services if you need to transfer your Atlassian instances to Data Center. If you need help adding Confluence Data Center, Jira Data Center, Jira Service Desk Data Center, and Bitbucket Data Center to your Atlassian set-up, we can help.

We are well equipped to handle any complex IT issues that may arise prior to, during, or after your migration. Beyond this, we have years of experience across the entire software lifecycle: as an Atlassian Platinum Solution partner, we can offer a world-leading level of knowledge on the wider Atlassian toolset.  As an Atlassian Enterprise partner, we can assist enterprise-level companies with complex IT transformations such as upgrades, source control management, ALM, deployments, and bespoke integrations. All of these can be performed with minimal downtime and none in business hours.

Every client has unique needs, and deserves unique service. We can address any requirements you might have and craft a customised, best-in-breed solution – offering support and consultancy on an ongoing basis.

To discuss Atlassian Data Center with one of our specialists, contact us today.
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