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With 15 or more concurrent projects, the ONS needed to find a way to configure its Rational tools quickly, in particular the agile application lifecycle management solution, Rational Team Concert (RTC), to suit its workflow style. It also needed to maintain and update long-lived applications. It therefore had to find an effective way to export data and workflows from the old Rational software to the new CLM suite.


Automation Consultants developed a master process configuration for the ONS to solve the configuration challenge before writing bespoke migration scripts to edit the Rational export records automatically so they could be easily uploaded to RTC..


ONS head of test, Andy King, worked with Automation Consultants on the project. He explained the difference the fine tuning made to ONS software development: “The improvement was immediately obvious. Instead of building a process configuration for every application, all we had to do was share the master process before starting a new project. This saved us considerable time and resource as we migrated with speed and efficiency. To date they’ve helped us maximise our investment in the Rational toolsets. And I now share their belief that automating the software lifecycle is the key to quicker and more cost effective IT project delivery.”

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