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Performance Engineering: How to Avoid a System Meltdown

Why is performance so important? The failure of a business application due to performance issues can be extreme. Fallouts include: damage to brand, loss of service,  disgruntled customers,  bad reviews. Will moving to the cloud help? Cloud services, including AWS, Learn More →

🛡️ Disclosure for Confluence: now available for Data Center environments

May 22, 2020

Previously only available for our Server customers, Disclosure for Confluence has now been fully approved and is available to Data Center users!

Juuust in case you need a little reminder, this member of our product family provides an easy-to-use solution to the problem of disclosing content across teams in a secure, audited manner! Interested? Find out more in our previous blog post here 👈

Atlassian’s Data Center products are designed for mission-critical deployments. They offer minimum downtime and are able to consistently achieve great performance at scale.

Creating an App for Data Center meant we needed to offer the same advantages to our App users. In order to do this, we worked with Atlassian to put Disclosure for Confluence through a stringent testing and validation process before we were approved. These tests were done on a large Confluence system in order to mimic the instances our customers would use.

Attachments per page1,000

We ensured that basic Confluence actions (viewing, creating and editing pages, searching etc.) were not affected by the usage of our App. We also tested our own App’s actions to ensure they would perform well at scale.

Once Atlassian gave us the go-ahead, we officially opened up Disclosure for Confluence (Data Center) to the public! Take it for a test run today on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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