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Introducing Cleaner for Jira v3

Cleaner for Jira V3

September 5, 2018

As the size of your Jira installation grows, it’s critical to remove any unused elements that may be slowing down indexing time, which has a negative impact on your team’s productivity and, as a result, wastes money for your organisation.

We have developed a Jira performance tuning app, known as Cleaner for Jira, to make it easier to locate, scrutinise and remove any unused elements in your installation, including redundant projects, custom fields and users. It does this by:

  • Automatically scanning your instance and generating suggested improvements
  • Deleting redundant custom fields and optimising current ones
  • Highlighting any unused licenses

The app is available for both Cloud and Server hosting: you can try it for free by downloading it from the Atlassian Marketplace today.

What’s new for Cleaner for Jira?

Since the initial launch of Cleaner for Jira, we have made a number of improvements to the features and functionality of the app.

Here’s a quick overview of the improvements Cleaner for Jira v3 brings to users:

New UI: We have developed a new UI for the app, which conforms to the Atlassian Design Guidelines 3 (ADG 3), through the use of the React framework and Atlaskit libraries.

Search Everything: We’ve added search functionality to every table in the interface, to make it easier to find and analyse the items you need to work on.

Enhanced reporting functionality: The reporting functionality of the app has now been allocated its own separate section, while new types of report have been added and the existing types have been improved.

Locate and merge duplicate configuration items: It’s now possible to locate duplicate configuration items in your system and use this information to merge items. As a further note, we plan to release built-in execution of these merges in the future.

Enhanced board support: The Board support function has been redeveloped and has been re-released in this version, including bulk deletion and analysis.

French and German language support: Over time, we are bringing international language support to the app, starting with French and German.

Enhanced license usage interface: We have drastically enhanced the license usage interface for the app, making it easier for you to select how many user slots are being used by active and inactive users. It also allows you to determine how many of your Jira application licenses are remaining and remove those which are inactive, yet contributing to license cost.

Custom Field Auto Context feature: One feature that was initially in beta has now been taken into the mainstream – the Custom Field Auto Context feature, which helps to reduce the amount of Global Custom Fields in your system. After performing a usage analysis of all supported fields, this feature will, on selection, automatically set their context correctly.

As part of this upgrade, we’ve created a new wizard which makes optimising your system easy. The improved interface shows all Custom Fields, which ones can be optimised (to the ideal Issue Type and Project context), and which ones cannot be optimised (and why).

Pagination: We have implemented paging into the app in response to Jira systems getting larger and more complex. However, don’t worry – when you sort the pages, the app will sort all the items, too.

Other improvements made in Cleaner for Jira v3 include:

  • An increased number of Cross Reference actions;
  • The ability to create Configuration Items from within the app;
  • Interactive REST API documentation;
  • Dropdown menus have been added for each item, making it clearer which actions you can perform;
  • Improved Custom Field usage;
  • Improved logging of object type, identification and status/error message (if applicable);
  • Improved Deletion Status screen;
  • And, overall, improved handling of bigger and more complex Jira systems (caching).

Other Admin Tools: The new ‘Switch User’ and ‘View Jira Logs’ allow administrators to perform advanced actions on their instance – making administration easy.

Learn more about Cleaner for Jira, or get a free trial on the Atlassian Marketplace now.

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