Jira Software Data Center

Jira Software Data Center brings enterprise scale and high availability to Jira Software. It is a self-hosted solution built for high demand, resilience and scalability. The Data Center deployment option features active-active clustering (i.e. deployment across multiple application servers), for scalability and resilience.

Jira Software is an industry leading agile project management and issue tracking tool. It helps development teams work more effectively by supporting agile project management with a very wide range of workflow, reporting, notification and permission options. It is also used to support many different business processes outside the realm of software development.

Features and benefits of Jira Software Data Center

Jira Software Data Center offers the following key features and functions.

High availability: Team performance is maintained thanks to active-active clustering. This keeps downtime to a minimum. If one server fails, the system keeps running on the other servers in the cluster.

Scalability: Jira Software Data Center scales with businesses to meet their changing needs. More application servers can be added to meet increases in demand, up to any likely real-world level. Servers can be added with zero downtime and without additional licensing fees, and indexes and plug-ins are synced automatically.

Adaptability: Teams can design their own ways of working by creating bespoke workflows, triggers and rules that integrate seamlessly with existing tools.

Auto scaling: Jira Software Data Center can be installed in such a way that application servers are spun up or shut down as a function of demand on the system. This ensures there is always enough capacity to meet demand without reducing performance, while also ensuring that unnecessary capacity is kept to a minimum, saving costs.

Built-in SAML 2.0 support: Businesses can integrate with large identity providers for simpler, more secure single sign-on (SSO) for their users. The list of popular identity providers includes Active Directory (ADFS), Azure, Bitium, PingOne, Okta, and OneLogin.

Great integrations: If the required integration isn’t available, open APIs enable businesses to create the custom apps and integrations they need. However, Jira Software Data Center is linked to a large marketplace of existing apps enabling bespoke setups.

Apps: Examples of available apps that businesses can use to augment the standard user experience include:

Portfolio for Jira: This agile portfolio management tool creates a real-time, agile roadmap that improves visibility across multiple projects and teams. It assists with long-term planning by pulling data from Jira to create up-to-date plans.

Scriptrunner: Helps businesses execute scripts to interact with Jira as Post Functions or Event Listeners. Teams can use this app to respond to an event and run a script that does such things as move an issue to another status, calculate a value and update a custom field.

Tempo timesheets: Tracks and monitors how employee and team time is being used. Businesses benefit from account management and flexible reporting functionality.

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