Micro Focus LoadRunner Community Edition

Micro Focus LoadRunner is regarded as the industry leader when it comes to performance test tools.

Micro Focus LoadRunner Community Edition provides organisations with a free 50 concurrent users to get them started with their performance tests.

Many large organisations, ranging from telecommunications companies and financial institutions to government bodies, use Micro Focus LoadRunner to ensure that application performance and stability meet their business needs.

Previously, the key benefits of using LoadRunner – ease of use, protocol support, advanced reporting capabilities and the ability to “test the un-testable” – came at a high price. This has all changed with the release of the Micro Focus LoadRunner free Community Edition licence.Our HP LoadRunner Community Edition Screenshot

Understanding how an IT system performs under the pressure of many simultaneous users, is key to ensuring the performance quality remains high. Micro Focus LoadRunner Community Edition enables a basic load test simulating 50 concurrent users to be run and the performance of the system to be measured.

Scripts, data and initial performance tests can all be carried out using Micro Focus LoadRunner Community Edition to help system administrators gain confidence in the performance of an application or system at low user volumes. When it comes to higher user load tests, additional licences can be rented for a shorter duration to simulate peak traffic for capacity planning purposes.

Automation Consultants provides quick-start services for organisations looking to use Micro Focus Loadrunner Community Edition that need initial enablement in creating load test scripts or performance test planning/execution.

We also run LoadRunner as a cloud service if you wish us to perform a load test remotely for your organisation.

A Micro Focus Loadrunner free Community Edition download is available here.

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