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Confluence Training

Get the most out of this remote collaborative workspace tool, with Confluence training services from Automation Consultants, official Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partners.

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Dive Deeper into Confluence

Confluence is a versatile tool designed for teams to collaborate and organise their work in one central, secure place. It caters to remote, hybrid, and on-site teams alike.

At Automation Consultants, we recognise that knowing the features is different from effectively using them. Our tailored training programmes, adaptable to both Confluence Cloud and Data Center, ensure your teams are equipped to utilise every aspect of this tool efficiently.

We focus on concise, interactive sessions, delivering impactful learning that fits your schedule and specific organisational needs. 

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Why Invest in Confluence Training?

Since Confluence is such a powerful product, knowing how to use it effectively will improve your productivity and efficiency. Here are some of the benefits of investing in Atlassian Confluence training with us: 

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Get more out of Confluence

Understand and master all the product features in depth, so you can extract the most value from it.
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Reduce onboarding time

Get new team members trained and brought up to speed in no time at all with our personalised, interactive Confluence training.
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Empower your team

Create a uniform knowledge level across the board, so everyone in your team can use Confluence with confidence.
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Unique, customised training

Save time and money with targeted learning that’s specific to your - and your team’s - needs.
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Streamline your projects

Our hands-on Confluence training can be fitted within a larger project, so you can learn as you go to ensure your work isn’t being put on hold.
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Flexible training

We’re happy to deliver your training wherever and however you want it, both location and content-wise.

Bespoke Confluence Training

Your business is unique; your people are unique. So, investing in training that’s the same for everyone is a poor use of your time and budget. That’s why we take the time to understand your requirements. Here’s how we can help you with your Atlassian Confluence training:

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Is your business new to Confluence, with everyone learning the tool for the first time? We can help you understand the basics of the product, and guide you through the more advanced features when you’re ready.

We understand that a new software platform takes some getting used to, so we’ll give you the knowledge required to become comfortable—and, eventually, confident—with it.

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If you’re already using Confluence, you may want to onboard others in the organisation. Alternatively, maybe you have new hires who need to be trained on your internal systems. 

Our Atlassian Confluence training solution helps you achieve those goals by working with a dedicated Consultancy partner (us!). Instead of blocking your internal resources, we’ll take on the task. That way, your business can continue as normal whilst we guide your people through this powerful tool.

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Even if you’ve already been using Confluence in your organisation, there’s always more you can learn. What’s more, the tool is constantly evolving, with new features added periodically, so we’d always recommend a knowledge refresh. We can help you stay up to date, and can give you those little tips and tricks that make this Atlassian product even more useful for your team.

For example, did you know that it can be integrated with a host of other tools, including Atlassian’s own Jira, Slack, Figma, Trello, and more? 

Learn From Atlassian Training Partners

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Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

Automation Consultants is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. That puts us in the unique position to provide you with the best Confluence training available outside the brand’s University. If you’re using other products from their suite, our Atlassian training will enable you to use them all holistically.

Our years of consultancy experience (and friendly approach)

We’ve been delivering excellence and supporting clients like you for years. But unlike some of the larger consultancies in our space, we remain independently owned and relatively small. For you, this means working with a genuinely approachable and friendly team. We often say that human connection fosters true collaboration. So, when you take advantage of our Confluence training, you’ll get high-quality expertise borne out of experience, and delivered with character and warmth.

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Comprehensive knowledge

As an Atlassian Enterprise Platinum Solution Partner, our knowledge of the Atlassian product suite comes straight from the source. And nothing makes us happier than sharing this knowledge with you! Combined with our experience, you can see why we have such a strong reputation as experts in our field.

Benefits of Training With Automation Consultants

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Customised for you

Every training programme is tailored to align with your team's specific needs. and goals.
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Flexibility at its core

Receive training when and where it suits you, ensuring convenience and efficacy.
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Expertise you can trust

As an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner, we're validated experts in the field.
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A record of excellence

Our history of satisfied clients speaks volumes of our competency and reliability.
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Full-spectrum support

We're your partners from start to finish, ensuring a comprehensive, interactive learning journey.
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Adaptable learning paths

Our methods and content evolve to fit the changing landscapes of technology and business needs.

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