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Atlassian offer a fantastic range of seamlessly integrating, user-friendly products to help teams plan, track, develop and collaborate in an agile way! But without sufficient knowledge and support, it can be difficult to realise the full potential of these tools. At Automation Consultants (AC), we offer a range of Atlassian Consultancy services to ensure you get the most out of your Atlassian products.


AC is able to lead or assist on a range of initiatives, including:


Application upgrades are essential to maintaining high system performance, providing access to the latest features, and keeping your data secure. However, upgrading an application can be a disruptive and complex process. By determining the most efficient upgrade method and offering flexible work outside of business hours, we ensure upgrades are carried out as smoothly as possible with no interruption to availability. 


Whether you are migrating to on-premise infrastructure, hosting in the Cloud, or you’re looking to get up and running in the Atlassian Cloud, migrations are susceptible to a range of risks, from data loss to application degradation. As Atlassian experts, we help to eliminate these risks by delivering a thorough, proven migration process. We can provide the necessary support and expertise to ensure your migration is successful – whatever your journey. 


Consolidating several Atlassian instances can be a great way to boost efficiency, simplify licensing and promote standardisation across your organisation. Unfortunately, mergers are usually complex and come with a set of challenges, ranging from configuration conflicts, to aligning teams and stakeholders. Our Atlassian consultants have experience working on large-scale mergers with even larger organisations. We leverage our expertise to manage your merger in a risk-averse, efficient fashion; helping you to avoid outages in working hours and guiding you through the process of moving your users into a single instance.


In some instances, it may be the case that a non-Atlassian product is best suited to meeting some of your more niche requirements. Companies can expand their Atlassian suite through integrations with other tools.  From GitHub commits triggering transitions in Jira to Service Desk tickets creating infrastructure in AWS, you’ll be your most productive when all your tools work in harmony.

What makes Automation Consultants a unique Atlassian partner is our expertise with a wide range of non-Atlassian products and systems. Not only are we able to perform integrations within the Atlassian product suite, we can also build and support highly-customisable, customer-specific integrations with a variety of product vendors.

Best Practice Consultancy

For many organisations, deciding which tools to use and how best to use them can prove very challenging, but is key to providing invaluable business benefit. By applying our own framework, our experts can configure your tools to work for you so you don’t have to compromise on your requirements. We can assist you in configuring and extending your applications and help you in developing optimal processes alongside best practice that can be utilised across your entire organisation. 

Health Check

Managing multiple systems is a difficult task and without appropriate management, their performance will deteriorate over time. To help you get the most out of your Atlassian tools, we offer a three-stage health check: Investigate – find the problems, Present – document them with their solutions, Enhance – implement the quick wins. By working with key stakeholders and admins, we are able to uncover the root cause of your issues and map out your path to a better Atlassian experience.

We have deep experience in optimising the technical efficiency of Atlassian tools, and publish a range of Apps to facilitate this, including Optimizer for Jira and Workflows for Confluence.

Security Audit

Staying up to date with the latest security patches and maintaining a high level of system security can prove challenging. Our security audit framework can be utilised to conduct an examination of your Atlassian systems in order to identify areas which fall short of security best practices.After presenting our findings, along with suggested actions and mitigation strategies, we can implement the necessary changes for you or support you through the process.

What makes us different?

At AC, our consultants are experienced not only with Atlassian, but also with the integrations, infrastructure, security and networking that supports your business-critical applications. In addition, our certified Atlassian consultants also hold accreditations across a range of technologies and frameworks, from AWS to Scaled Agile, to provide you with the best results. 

We appreciate that no two projects are the same and strive to be as flexible as possible in order to meet every customer’s specific needs. Our Atlassian consultants have experience working with a range of organisations and stakeholders, so whether it’s delivering a customised solution, or adhering to a schedule that minimises disruption, we deliver Atlassian consultancy services tailored specifically to you.

At AC, we understand the value of collaboration and communication, and our teams pride themselves on being heavily integrated across the organisation. From consultancy to sales and support, members of the AC team work closely together, enabling us to deliver holistic services of the highest quality. 

Don’t see what you want?

As Atlassian experts, we are able to provide consulting services tailored to your specific needs. We are able to provide consulting services tailored to your specific needs. No ask is too big, or question too small – we’re here to help. To find out more about Atlassian consultancy, get in touch today – let’s get the conversation started.

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Automation Consultants can give your software development and IT operations a competitive edge. We deploy the latest automated products and techniques with an emphasis on quality and deep expertise. We train your staff in the solutions we deliver, and we support those solutions once they are in place.

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