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'Uniting AI and ITSM: The Future of Customer Experience?'

Unlock the insights from our keynote speakers, Dr. Daniel Hulme and Mansur Gedik, at your convenience. Discover the transformative potential of AI in service management.

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Meet The Experts

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Daniel Hulme
Dr. Daniel Hulme
Head of AI at WPP

Daniel is a foremost authority on AI. Acclaimed for devising AI solutions for global brands, he seamlessly merges the technical with the philosophical in discussions ranging from AI's applications to its ethical implications. A TEDx and Google regular, Daniel's insights offer businesses a roadmap to harnessing AI's transformative potential.

Mansur Gedik
Mansur Gedik
Senior Enterprise Solutions Advocate

Leading up the Enterprise Solutions team, Mansur is a dedicated specialist at Atlassian who frequently delves into discussions on ITSM, DevOps, Project Management, Agile Transformation and Digital Transformation. His expertise revolves around assisting Dev & Ops teams in planning for service disruptions and maintaining control during incidents.

About The Webinar

Grasp the profound intersection of IT Service Management (ITSM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and understand their collective potential to transform the landscape of customer experience.

Dive into topics that covered:

  • The role of AI in business strategy and societal impact
  • How AI is revolutionising customer experiences in ITSM
  • Live demonstration of Virtual Agent in Jira Service Management
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Industry Insights

Dive deep into the union of AI and ITSM, understanding the current trajectory and potential future developments.
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Innovative Strategies

From reshaping automated customer experiences to strategising for the future, get actionable insights to enhance your business approach.
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Strategic Forecasting

Acquire a clear vision of the imminent and long-term roles of AI in enhancing customer-focused technologies.
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Who Should Watch?

Are you wondering how AI is reshaping the world of ITSM? Which kind of features today are going to be the central focus of the future? How are we going to interact with customers to enhance their experience and meet our SLAs? How can we embed AI into our customer facing operations? Then this event is tailored for you.

CIOs, COOs, IT leaders, and operations executives, seize this opportunity. From dissecting AI’s impact on ITSM to enhancing customer journeys, gain a wealth of knowledge and insights tailored for industry leaders.

Why Watch?

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Future-Proof Your Business Strategy

Learn how AI, intertwined with ITSM, can place your organisation at the forefront of technological advancements.
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Harnessing AI for Enhanced Customer Experiences

Unearth the transformative potential of AI in automating customer experiences, and preview the upcoming AI integrations in top-tier ITSM solutions.
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Navigating the Latest ITSM Trends

Delve into the evolution of ITSM, uncovering the synergies between AI and ITSM, and strategise to optimise customer satisfaction.

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