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Jira for BPM: How Jira can be used to optimise business processes

February 11, 2019

Jira is widely known to be one of the best project management tools for software development teams. What many perhaps don’t know is that it’s also highly effective tool for general business process management (BPM), including project and task management processes.

The best version of Jira for this purpose is called Jira Core. Unlike the full Jira Software, which is much more focused on software project management, Jira Core provides pared down capabilities which are far better suited for BPM.

Businesses with ineffective and inconsistent processes often struggle to complete projects that meet their key deliverables.  What’s more, projects are invariably littered with mistakes that lead to unnecessary costs and overtime.

So why not use Jira for BPM? You can combine a leading project management system with efficient business processes to ensure seamless project delivery.

What is BPM?

Simply put, BPM focuses on improving core business processes through analysis of what works well and what doesn’t. After analysing how a process works in different environments, it can be improved, monitored and continually optimised. The goal of BPM is to streamline, optimise and, wherever possible, automate processes such as the approval of documents and activities, managing vendors, posting job role information, and sending internal employee communications.

Like other operational methodologies such as Six Sigma and Lean, BPM is centred on an ongoing process of evaluation and improvement. In streamlining and creating efficiencies, BPM prioritises reducing errors and hiccups in your workflows. It establishes standard processes to eliminate ad hoc work – and to ensure that tasks are performed as efficiently as possible. Greater efficiency naturally leads to better project delivery times and improved customer satisfaction.

How Jira works with BPM

Any company or team – not just software developers – can use version of Jira for BPM. Jira Core can be customised according to a range of needs that cover all elements of project and task management. Business can enjoy all the major benefits of Jira, while customising their instance to suit their exact needs.

When it comes to actual use, Jira Core offers a range of BPM applications. This includes tracking marketing campaign management, recruitment, and managing client relationships to name a few. Getting to grips with Jira Core is simple: the interface has been designed and built for easy user training and onboarding.

Depending on the project or company’s BPM needs, Jira Core can be deployed on the company’s server, Data Center, or in the cloud. Plus, its performance can be enhanced further with apps, such as Optimizer for Jira (Cleaner for Jira), that are available on the Atlassian Marketplace.


Automation Consultants: your Jira for BPM experts

Using Jira for BPM optimally is not quite as simple as setting up an instance of Jira Core and suddenly finding success. Successful BPM is as much about methodology and mindset as it is about technology.

Goals need to be defined and processes need to be designed and standardised. Users need to be kept up to speed on how the system works – and may require refresher Jira training or assistance mid-stream. There are many concerns to juggle when working to deliver a project on time. To ensure optimal use and results, a sensible decision is to work with an expert consultancy.

Automation Consultants is an Enterprise Platinum Atlassian Solution partner with a wealth of enterprise deployment experience – and can help you with all of your Jira needs.

To further discuss using Jira for business process management, contact us today.

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