Rational Test Virtualization Server

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IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server is used to implement the behaviour defined in IBM Rational Integration Tester as permanent, high capacity stubs which can be deployed to any available environment. The stubs are not, except by licensing, limited in capacity or in the length of time for which they can be left to run. The more licences purchased, the higher the capacity of the stubs which can be run.

IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server allows for the creation and simultaneous operation of multiple stubs, each running on an agent, in multiple environments.

Rational Test Virtualization Server screenshot

Key features of IBM’s service virtualization solution, Rational Test Virtualization Server

  • Software, application and service virtualization – Rational Test Virtualization Server enables software professionals to create bespoke virtual environments, to ensure all future scenarios can be tested during the development process.
  • Environment library – the IBM solution saves virtual environments so they can be quickly and easily reinstated for future application testing.
  • Solution integration – maximise the service virtualization potential by combining Rational Test Virtualization Server with automated SOA and Business Process Management (BPM) testing tools Rational Test Workbench and Rational Performance Test Server.

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