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How to Maximise Your Confluence and Slack Integration

2020 will be a year that we all remember. It has brought significant changes to how we interact with each other and technology has played a crucial role in this. Businesses have had to embrace collaboration tools to keep projects moving and transition to remote working as seamlessly as possible.   Learn More →

Server is Now: Approvals for Confluence

May 21, 2019

It’s been highly anticipated so we hope you share our excitement in welcoming the newest App, Approvals for Confluence Server to the AC family and Atlassian Marketplace!

It’s been a fun filled year so far with our App Rebrand back in March, the Atlassian Summit in April and now the Approvals for Server launch. And all we can say is there is much more to come in the following months so keep your eyes open. But for now, why not take a look at the new App on the block. 

Top Features for Server:

Save time with Approval Teams

Create groups of users who can be added to an approval with a single click! Plus…

Migrate from other
Approval Apps

Currently migrating your approvals, statuses and history is supported from the ‘Page Approval for Confluence’ App.
Expire Approvals
 on update / a date

Use the Expiry Date feature to make pages expire on a specific date.
Get alerted with In-
App and Email

 Notifications Get Status and Request Notifications for approvals you create or are a pending member!
Full Confluence 
History Support

Go back in time! Use Confluence Page History to see what the status of the approval was in the past.

Integrate with the REST API and Java API

Integrate with your other business processes by utilising the documented REST API and Java API (e.g. ScriptRunner).

Learn more about Approvals for Confluence Server or start your free trial on the Atlassian Marketplace now.

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We have developed a number of other productivity-boosting Apps for Atlassian products, including:

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