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Optimizing ITSM with Atlassian: The Day in Action

This time last week, we were thrilled to host our virtual summer event: Optimizing ITSM with Atlassian on Tuesday 30th – and without sounding too biased, it really was a brilliant afternoon of keynotes, panels, breakout sessions and more! The day Learn More →

Atlassian Summit 2015 and Atlassian Enterprise
Atlassian has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and its annual conference has become correspondingly more exciting. Atlassian
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Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS – making Quality Center Enterprise accessible
Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS – the team edition The parent of Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS is Micro Focus
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Starting your software lifecycle journey
Today, if you’ve got a degree (or even a general aptitude) relevant to the field of software development, you could
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The future of automation
Checkout tills in supermarkets have been one of the most notable job automations in recent years. Walk into any supermarket
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Benefits of the LoadRunner free download: Community Edition
Keeping on top of your company’s software performance has always been important, but it hasn’t always been easy to get
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Data centre migration challenges
It’s easy for even experienced manager to get a data centre migration wrong. Those who succeed focus on these key
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Project Management 101
These tips won’t protect you from every possible problem, but following them will give your project a better chance of
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Data migration challenges
When moving and/or upgrading enterprise software to a new data centre, good data migration processes need to be adhered to.
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What part can graduates play in the software development lifecycle?
As the process of software development changes, it’s inevitable that the teams associated with it will change too. And with
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Automation Consultants adds Atlassian suite to lab
The whole Atlassian suite including Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Atlassian Crowd and Atlassian FishEye are now available to demo in
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