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5 Ways to Create Efficient Approvals in Confluence Cloud

Confluence is a great place for effective remote collaboration and teamwork. It enables information and documents to be shared easily between teams and the wider organisation.  The great thing about Confluence is that it’s flexible. Companies can use it to Learn More →

Jira Portfolio Review
Keeping track of several parallel software projects is often difficult. Dedicated project management software such as Jira Software gives a
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Agile Project Management using IBM RTC
If you’re looking to use IBM’s Rational Team Concert for project management, this guide is a great place to start
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Atlassian Assembly Success
On Tuesday 14th June, Automation Consultants held the inaugural Atlassian Assembly at the Haberdashers’ Hall in central London. The event
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Automation Consultants to hold Atlassian event in central London
On Tuesday 14th June at 6:30pm, Automation Consultants will be holding The AC Atlassian Assembly in the City of London.
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Big business contracts are not out of the reach of SMEs
In a recent interview published on MinuteHack, our CEO Jeff Cunliffe takes a closer look at how SMEs should go
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Stepping in the right direction
We helped Bally, Belstaff and Jimmy Choo move all development and defect management into Atlassian’s cloud. Details below – a
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Atlassian Summit 2015 and Atlassian Enterprise
Atlassian has gone from strength to strength in recent years, and its annual conference has become correspondingly more exciting. Atlassian
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Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS – making Quality Center Enterprise accessible
Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS – the team edition The parent of Micro Focus Quality Center SaaS is Micro Focus
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Starting your software lifecycle journey
Today, if you’ve got a degree (or even a general aptitude) relevant to the field of software development, you could
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The future of automation
Checkout tills in supermarkets have been one of the most notable job automations in recent years. Walk into any supermarket
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